Saicom to strengthen customer connect with Truecaller for Business

9 November 2021, Johannesburg: Saicom, one of the leading local voices of South Africa, and cloud solutions providers announced a partnership with Truecaller for Business, the global platform for verifying business contacts and blocking unwanted communication. The partnership will make it efficient for businesses to connect with consumers.

The Verified Business Caller ID solutions offered by Truecaller for Business will enable Saicom’s clients to verify their identity, thus establishing brand safety and trust in communication. Enterprises can improve communication efficiency while also increasing response rates and driving customer satisfaction. 

Commenting on the alliance, Mr, Greg de Chasteauneuf, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Saicom said : “By combining the Truecaller for Business offering with Saicom’s extensive voice experience and volume of call data, we have been able to create a solution that gives organisations a better, more trusted customer experience. Understanding that consumers are increasingly wary of calls to their smartphones, we believe that this identity sits at the core of call integrity. If a call is important to a person, they will answer it. But filtering the important ones from the significant amount of spam calls makes it virtually impossible when it comes from an unknown number”.

The verified caller id is an essential solution to context-less calls which have become a pressing issue for consumers and businesses. Importantly, companies that deal with vital and extremely time-sensitive calls can also qualify for the priority listing, a feature that enables them to reach customers at the right moment.

Truecaller for Business has been set up to deliver products that offer an enriching user experience for calls from verified businesses by adding elements that project trust, safety, and context.” said Priyam Bose, Global Head, GTM at Truecaller Enterprise. 

“With Truecaller Business Caller ID, the appearance of the brand logo and name on the screen will lead to improved service delivery. The recently launched Call Reason feature can add context to a business call and improve customer confidence by communicating this even before the call is answered. Saicom’s strong market presence and experience in the voice telephony domain in South Africa will play a key role in growing our business together and drive significant value for the enterprise ecosystem,” added Priyam. 

The service is more than just having a number listed and verified. It also includes access to an analytics dashboard to manage the brand’s calling health and workflow.  


About Saicom
Since the early 2000s, Saicom has been a leading service provider in the South African Telecommunications market, providing a host of communication solutions, designed to help organisations improve their communication and collaboration and deliver an unsurpassed customer experience. Beyond its competitive voice and connectivity offerings, Saicom provides SD-WAN, cloud and hosting solutions tailored to meet their customers’ needs.

About Truecaller:
We enable safe and relevant conversations between people and make it efficient for businesses to connect with consumers. Fraud and unwanted communication are endemic to digital economies, especially in emerging markets. We are on a mission to build trust in communication. Truecaller is an essential part of everyday communication for close to 280 million active users, with half a billion downloads since launch and 30 billion unwanted calls identified and blocked. Headquartered in Stockholm, since 2009, we are a co-founder-led, entrepreneurial company, with a highly experienced management team. For more information please visit:


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