Physical Hosting

Physical Hosting


Physical Hosting

On-site data centres can be expensive to set up.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Teraco Data Centres to provide hosted solutions that deliver the highest levels of security, an optimal operating environment and unparalleled business continuity. Moving off-site and opting for a hybrid IT infrastructure model reduces the amount of infrastructure management required, freeing up time and money to focus on the technology that moves your business forward.

Teraco offer the greatest connectivity and interconnection choice on the continent. It’s no surprise that they have more than 480 organisations co-located within their centres, and have become our partner of choice.

Key Features

Key Features

Wide choice of connectivity

Stringent security and optimal operating conditions

24/7 support from expert teams

Uncompromising Security

Advanced cooling and environmental conditioning

Holistic building management

Experienced and professional support teams

High levels of interconnection

Highest level of guaranteed uptime

Cost effective hosting solution

Cost effective hosting solution

Guaranteed power

Global standard fire suppression

Convenient locations

High levels of network connectivity

Access to cloud onramps


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