Business Fibre

Business Fibre


Business Fibre

We deliver business grade fibre that is uncapped, unshaped and uncontended.

With fibre becoming more freely available and affordable than ever before, there’s never been a better time to switch. We deliver business grade fibre that is uncapped, unshaped and uncontended. Our Fibre also enables fast bandwidth upgrades, with priority access for voice and data.

With speeds of up to 10Gbps, you can unlock unified communications and convergence that will transform the way your business communicates. Plus, having a single platform means you only have one account to maintain, one vendor to deal with and one line to manage.

Key Features

Key Features

Reliable, high-speed internet access that enables productivity enhancing tools

24/7 service level agreement

Bandwidth on tap

Quick turnaround times on upgrades

Unshaped, uncapped and uncontended fibre internet service

Up to 10 Gigabit speeds

Public address space

Top-quality service



Frequently Asked Questions

Fibre broadband is a type of high-speed broadband that uses fibre optic cables, which are better at transferring data than standard copper cables. And by data, we’re talking about video conferencing, VoIP, online banking, cloud computing and a myriad of other applications. Essentially, having the ability to access and use the internet faster.

Fibre optic technology is used to transmit information as pulses of light through strands of fiber made of glass or plastic over long distances. It is technology that provides homes and businesses with fiber-optic internet access, voice services and streaming services.

Not only is business-grade fibre uncapped, unshaped, and uncontended, but it operates according to strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to ensure the quality of service. Due to the higher reliability of business fibre, it is more expensive than what is typically delivered to consumers.

In addition to this improved reliability, business fiber provides complete scalability to upgrade to faster line speeds as the organisation needs evolve.

Delivering speeds of up to 10Gbps, business fibre unlocks the potential of unified communications and convergence that transforms your business communications. It also unlocks fully-enabled cloud environments to digitally transform the entire IT infrastructure of the company.

One of the most significant differences between business and home fibre is that the former is delivered through a Service Level Agreement (SLA). This holds the internet service provider (ISP) accountable for providing a certain level of service as this relates to the quality of connection, speeds (upload and download), the contention ratio (how many online users the connection supports simultaneously), and quality of support.

Business fibre users receive dedicated internet connectivity and priority support from both the ISP and the fibre provider itself to ensure the connection is maintained at optimal levels.

Business fibre is also faster than home connections to support more bandwidth-intensive operating conditions. For example, a 200Mbps connection would be sufficient for even the most bandwidth-demanding home users while businesses with hundreds of employees could require a 1Gbps connection.

Unlike homes, it is business-critical for a company to have a virtually always-on fibre connection. Any downtime brings about the potential for significant financial and reputational damage.

Fibre to the business (FTTB; sometimes referred to as fibre to the premises (FTTP)) is when the fibre directly connects to the office building. This allows for the best upload and download speeds.

In comparison, fibre to the curb (FTTC) refers to when a fibre line is provided to a platform which serves several nearby customers using copper cables.

Fibre to the node (FTTN) is similar to FTTC, but describes a scenario where fibre is provided to the node which is more removed from the business than the FTTC option.

Traditional internet connections were shaped, meaning certain services receive priority over others on the network traffic. For example, voice and video could be prioritised over sending email or downloading files.

However, an unshaped fibre connection removes this limitation and delivers a high quality, consistent experience regardless of the service being used.

As the requirements for each organisation are unique, please complete our enquiry form and one of our expert consultants will contact you about the best business fiber service in South Africa.

Currently our business fibre service is only available to our South African customers.


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