Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID

Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID


Adding Safety And Efficiency To Business Communication

According to research conducted by Truecaller, South Africa ranks 17th worldwide for receiving spam calls, with an average of 11 spam calls per month. But for many legitimate organisations, efforts to reach both existing and prospective customers are being hampered because of a growing distrust of unsolicited contact made to customers’ mobile phones.

By combining Truecaller’s platform, with Saicom’s extensive voice experience and volume of call data, we have been able to create a solution that gives organisations a better, more trusted customer experience. Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID let’s customers know when legitimate, verified businesses are calling them, allowing differentiation between genuine calls, scams or spam.


Four Key Outcomes

There are four key outcomes when businesses reach out to customers on their mobile phones

Immediate attention from the customer.

Improve call efficiency while also increasing response rates and driving customer satisfaction.

Brand recognition.

Easily manage your business numbers and view unique insights into calling patterns to discover the health of your brand’s calling campaigns.

Key Features


Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID has been designed with five distinct visual differentiators, to provide customers with the peace of mind that the incoming call is coming from a trusted source:

Detailed caller ID which contains a prominent brand logo and brand name that showcases the brand accurately.

Green background that provides immediate reassurance to customers.

Purple background for priority calls from businesses that are important for the end-user and considered to be extremely time-sensitive.

Verified icon and badge to give customers peace of mind. This includes a call reason, to let customers know why they are being contacted.

Detailed caller ID that showcases the brand and company logo accurately, through a green highlight and verified badge to provide positive reassurance and customer peace of mind.

Protect that restricts the name, logo and tag edits by the user community.

Call reason that let’s customers know why they are being contacted.

Seamlessly onboard business phones and/ or cloud lines onto the Truecaller platform.

Verified identity that reflects on call logs, messaging and profile to ensure consistency and increase the likelihood of calls being answered or returned by customers.

Ability to work seamlessly across all operating systems and call ID types.

Access to an analytics dashboard to help you achieve business objectives through call pick-up rate (CPR) analysis; spam reports analysis and user behaviour; segmented call pattern analysis and the ability to upload and/ or manage and/ or group numbers.

Product Tiers


Packages Are Tiered As Follows:

Pricing on Truecaller Business Caller Identity is based on a per number tiered basis. Truecaller can be activated either as a verified or priority listing* for any given, specified telephone number.

*Priority listings are activated for calls that are time sensitive, and that are important to both parties (caller and receiver) to be answered like emergency services, courier services or private taxi services.



Frequently Asked Questions

Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID is a software based application that helps businesses to verify their details on outgoing calls, to provide customers with peace of mind when calls are received on their mobile devices.

Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID has been designed specifically for businesses. 

Businesses will be required to prove that the relevant phone numbers that they would like to use this service for, are allocated to them by their service provider, for exclusive use.  Acceptable documents include an invoice or letter from their service provider.

Verified Business Caller Identity works on all devices that support the Truecaller application, i.e., Android & iOS. It works across all devices within these OS, and is a network-agnostic solution.

Personal numbers cannot be listed as a Verified Business Identity. During the onboarding process, businesses will be required to share all the numbers on a company letterhead stating that the numbers are assigned to/ owned by the business and will be used exclusively by the business for its communication needs.

After the approval of the application and submission of the necessary documents, phone number verification can take up to 48 business hours to activate.

Verified Calls Priority Calls badges are approved after Truecaller vets the identity of the business and onboards to any of the pricing plans selected. 


Priority Caller ID is a subset of the Verified Caller ID. Exclusively for calls made by businesses that are extremely important for the end-user and considered to be extremely time-sensitive. 

Verified calls have a green badge. Priority calls have a purple badge. Available with the standard pricing subscriptions. 

No extra charges over Verified Caller ID pricing. ** Truecaller holds the right to approve or disapprove a number for priority caller ID **Verified Badge is revoked (AI/ML-driven) if used for any non-approved use case or if it crosses threshold user blocks.

Yes, you can use virtual/cloud telephony numbers. All official business-owned CLI, PRI, DID, geographic, non-geographic, mobile, and virtual numbers can be onboarded.

Truecaller has a proprietary machine-learning algorithm to calculate the spam threshold on a number based on call recency, call frequency, average call duration, call pickup rate, etc. There is no fixed number for the spam threshold.

When the spam threshold is breached by a verified phone number, an additional tag showing the spam score will be displayed. The number is demoted to a verified phone number in case of priority calls, and the same number can never be updated as a priority call. The downgrade will be permanent.

The self-serve portal is updated live with the status of all onboarded numbers. In addition, an automated email is triggered when the number crosses the spam threshold so that you are aware of the same.

Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID is a brand identity solution. It will help you showcase your brand name, logo, and industry tags to establish brand safety and trust in communication while also preventing identity theft by scammers. There will be an additional tag that shows the spam score. 

Even after crossing the spam threshold, Truuecaller Verified Caller ID ensures: Green caller ID will remain intact. Along with the verified ✅ Business identity details (name, logo, tag) remain intact.

Call Reason enables verified businesses to let their customers know why they are calling them. It helps by adding context to business calls and improves customer confidence by communicating even before the call is picked up.

Currently, the call reason feature is only available with the Essential pack and above.

The number for which call reason is to be displayed must be a valid phone number and already a verified business or priority number with Truecaller.

To ensure that the call reason achieves its objectives – to encourage customers to take calls from businesses, the following guidelines should be applied:

  • The call reason text should be 70 characters or less 
  • The reason mentioned must be crisp, meaningful, and easy to understand from the customer’s call perspective 
  • The text should be free from grammar or spelling errors 
  • The content Should be moderated and free from irrelevant/harmful content before it reaches end-users, including: 
    • Promotional content 
    • Cyberbullying 
    • Sexual harassment
    • Hate speech
    • Violent threats 
    • Suicide/self-harm
    • Personally identifiable information 

We are currently a South African reseller and Truecaller Verified Business Caller Identity is available to local businesses.

No. The service aims to assist with displaying accurate, verified details of Businesses for outgoing calls on listed numbers.


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