Fixed Location APN

Fixed Location APN

What is an APN?

What is an APN?

An APN (Access Point Name) is a gateway between a 3G/LTE/LTE-A/5G mobile network and another computer network, accessing the public internet or private Virtual Private Network (VPN). It is a unique identifier that allows a connection to the network and identifies the data access services associated with your account. The APN is the exit point from the Mobile Network Operator’s (MNO) 3G/LTE/LTE-A/5G network into either the public internet or a private network.

Fixed Location APN MTN

Fixed Location APN MTN

Saicom’s Fixed Location APN (often referred to as LTE-A or Fixed Location LTE) on MTN’s network offers clients the benefits of postpaid, fully aggregated cellular data, with the ability to manage and report on every single SIM card. Clients are not required to install any extra physical infrastructure of their own in order to implement this solution, except for a possible upgrade of the CPE (Customer Premise Equipment). Clients are able to procure an enterprise data bundle and allow all LTE-A SIM cards to share in this data pool.

Key Features

Key Features

Fast delivery times

Minimal setup required

Suitable for home, small office or as a backup link

No fixed line installation required

High Speed

Seamless experience

Self-installed home connectivity

Ideal connectivity solution for SD-WAN deployments

Cost Saving Our Fixed Location APN offers fast connection speeds at a fraction of the cost of a standard Mobile APN.
Wide Coverage Network MTN’s Fixed Location LTE offers one of the widest available networks in South Africa, which means you’ll find coverage almost everywhere.

Coverage map can be found here

API can also be made available.
Data Aggregation All data is pooled and a single data bundle is applied across all SIM cards allocated to your organisation.
Super-Fast Speeds Enjoy speeds of up to 150Mbps*
Flexible Contract Periods We offer 12 and 24 months contract options.
Control Manage SIM's, users and groups, set caps and view data usage at an application level (e.g. WhatsApp, Youtube, Windows Updates, etc) via the Saicom Mobility Portal.
Powerful Reporting Real-time per group, per site, per sim usage reporting.
Billing Simplified invoicing - one invoice for all mobile data services.
Quick to Set Up Don't wait around for an installation. As soon as your LTE router is delivered and your service is activated, you’ll have Internet connectivity.
Hardware We supply and support a selection of hardware to suit your specific use case.
Static IP’s All SIM cards will be allocated a static private IP address (RFC1918), Public static IP addresses are available additional charge.

* Coverage dependant

Managing Fixed Location on The Saicom Mobility Portal

Through a single pane of glass, your administrators will have full access to manage your departments, sites, individuals and associated SIM Cards.

Saicom’s Mobility Portal, allows enterprise administrators to centrally manage their mobile usage. Whether it’s managing M2M (IoT) Devices, tablets, Mifi Routers, LTE Routers, Laptops or Mobile phones, Saicom Mosaic aggregates all the data from these GSM devices into one easy to use platform.

Through the platform, administrators can make use of:

Centralised Bundle

All SIM cards, consume off a central enterprise bundle


Custom notification percentages with notifications sent to WhatsApp, SMS, Email and

Friendly Device Names

The naming of SIMs (Friendly name e.g. Greg’s iPhone)


View graphing and analytics to understand usage patterns


Configure data capping on site. Each connection to the network will require a SIM card.

Organise SIMs

Manage Companies, Departments, Individuals and SIM cards

Application Reporting

Application layer usage reporting (e.g. Facebook, Youtube, Salesforce etc)

Pairing of ICCID to IMEI (Router to SIM Card)

This feature renders a SIM card useless unless used with the intended device


Administrators can top up individual’s SIMs with additional data (out of centralised enterprise bundle)

Soft Lock

Manually soft lock and unlock SIMs in real-time

APN Saicom Connect Mockup

About Saicom

Saicom is a leading service provider in the Telecommunications market, delivering a host of communication solutions that are designed to help organisations improve their collaboration and deliver an unsurpassed customer experience. Beyond its unified communications, voice and connectivity solutions, Saicom provides collaboration, networking, compute, cyber security and mobile data solutions tailored to meet each customers’ needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • For each SIM purchased, an additional 10GiB (Gibibyte) will be added to your Enterprise Fixed MTN Bundle
  • Should the coordinates of the SIM not be supplied after its 1st connection onto the APN, it will be compliance locked after a 3 day grace period
  • A SIM may change location once every 12 months

No, Each SIM can use as much or as little data as required, the total data bundle will increase by 10GiB per SIM, but that SIM is not linked directly to that 10GiB increase. So, 1 SIM could use 15 GiB while another uses 5GiB, and the total data bundle will be 20GiB

These SIMs and their usage can be managed in the exact same way as your mobile APN, through the Saicom APN Mobility Portal

No, each type of SIM is specifically provisioned to operate with a dedicated APN Realm

The following routers have been approved by MTN to work with the Fixed Location Product:

86688704 HUAWEI 5G CPE PRO 2 no
86995404 HUAWEI B2368 yes
86834203 HUAWEI B2368-22 yes
86881603 HUAWEI B2368-57 yes
86881703 HUAWEI B2368-66 yes
86902304 HUAWEI B525S-23A no
86032904 HUAWEI B525S-65A no
86969204 HUAWEI B535-932 no
86694904 HUAWEI B612-233 no
86997004 HUAWEI B612-533 no
86529403 HUAWEI B612S-25D no
86329504 HUAWEI B612S-51D no
86909003 HUAWEI B612S-52D no
86263903 HUAWEI B618S-22D no
86939203 HUAWEI B618S-66D no
86961404 HUAWEI B818-263 no
86650104 TP-LINK ARCHER MR600(EU)2.0 no
35750070 VIDA CPE4000-PLUS no
35746079 VIDA CPE4000-PRO no
86367104 ZTE 5G CPE MC801A no
86821902 ZTE MF286 no
86486704 ZTE MF286A no
86755104 ZTE MF286C no
86097804 ZTE MF286C1 no
86675404 ZTE MF286D no
86321004 ZTE MF286R no
86770904 ZTE MF286R no
35984007 ZYXEL LTE7460 yes
35668310 ZYXEL LTE7480-M804 no

Please note: If the above routers are not used, the SIM will be locked and will not connect to the network, until an unlock request has been processed.

  • Only Router models which are Category 6 or above and MIMO 4/4 can be added to the approved list of routers. If you have a router which meets the above requirements, the router will need to go through an approval and testing process with MTN. If you would like to go through this process the below will need to be provided to us:
  • Test devices
  • Marketing Material
  • ICASA Certificate
  • High Quality Images
  • Packaging Information (Dimensions and Barcode information)
  • Patience

SIM’s can be disconnected for a number of reasons; the below criteria should be validated to determine if the SIM has been locked:

  • Were the SIMs end point location coordinates provided within 3 days of its initial connection?
  • Has the SIMs location changed without requesting a location change?
  • Is the SIM being used in an approved device?
  • Is the SIM in an area where there is coverage?
  • Is the compatible device you are using configured to the correct APN name “ws.saicom.fwa”?
  • A request can be sent through to our support team – to investigate if the SIM has been locked or if there is another reason for the connectivity loss
  • Should the SIM be device locked, the SIM should be returned into an approved device and our team will request that the SIM is unlocked
  • Should the SIM be location or compliance locked, the client will be requested to provide location coordinates for the SIM which will be processed
  • It is essential that coverage for the end point location of the SIM is checked prior to sending the SIM to the location
  • Coverage can be checked using the following link –
  • An API for checking coverage is available in order to integrate this function.
  • A request to change the location of a SIM needs to be sent to our Support team who will assist you. They can be contacted on

The following information should be provided in order to request a location change:

  • MSISDN & SIM Serial
  • APN Name
  • Device Make and Model
  • Current Location Coordinates
  • Future Location Coordinates
  • Date of when the device will be / was moved
  • SIMs can be requested from your Saicom account manager or emailing
  • Each SIM comes with 10GiB included
  • All the data will be pooled to your enterprise bundle. E.g. If you order 10 SIMs, 100GiB of data will be allocated to your enterprise bundle for all SIMs to share. As you add SIM cards the bundle will increase by 10GiB and decrease by 10GiB if you cancel a SIM after the contract period.
  • You also have the ability to purchase an Addon bundle to your Enterprise Bundle. Bundles ranging from 10GiB to 1Pebibyte are available.
  • If you exceed your Enterprise bundle you will be charge at the in bundle rate in increments of 10GiB
  • SIMs which are still in contract will be liable to pay out the remainder of their contract both for the monthly SIM charge as well as the 10GiB data bundle purchased with the SIM
  • Should the SIM be out of its monthly contract, a standard 1 calendar month cancellation notice will be required
  • Month to Month pricing is available


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