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Call Recording



Call recording has moved into the cloud and captures customer interaction audio from wherever it occurs.

Business call recording has changed – both because of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting dispersed workforce, and compliance regulations like GDPR and POPIA.

Every employee’s home is now an office and their mobile devices count as a node in the company’s multi-tenant network.

Saicom, in partnership with Call Cabinet Atmos empowers more decentralised contact centres with seamless call recording and powerful AI-driven analytics.

Call Cabinet’s Atmos call recording platform is a compliant interaction, delivered as a ‘pay as you grow’/ software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. It is scalable enough to deliver a cost effective solution for businesses with as few as two or three users as well as meet the needs of large enterprises.

Key Features

CallCabinet Atmos network runs the latest software and delivers 24x7x365 support

99.99% uptime with increased security measures

Meets and exceeds data sovereignty and compliance requirements

Built into the Microsoft Azure Network Fabric, offering unlimited scalability and throughput



Call Recording

Supports 99% of all Telephony Platforms

Voice Analytics

Powerful search function, Manage Customer and Agent interactions


Supports global regulatory compliance with FICA, GDPR and Popi

Data Sovereignty

The Microsoft Teams Recording data captured by Atmos is stored redundantly within servers in South Africa

Aligned Security Features

Designed with compliance and security in mind, Atmos integrations naturally provide the kind of robust security features that most Microsoft Teams users require.

Quality Assurance

Quickly resolve disputes, train staff, maintain compliance

Artificial Intelligence

Robust language processing, best-of-breed analytics

Atmos by CallCabinet integrates directly with Microsoft Teams

Atmos by CallCabinet integrates directly with Microsoft Teams

Atmos by CallCabinet integrates directly with Microsoft Teams, delivering compliant call recording, quality assurance and AI analytics to enterprises of any scale.

CallCabinet’s Atmos is the only true cloud recording technology in the industry. It is built in the Microsoft Azure Network Fabric, and leverages cloud technology by accessing and allocating resources dynamically.

No additional on-device software or on-premise hardware integration is required

With Atmos, Microsoft Teams recordings are secured in the Atmos Cloud Network which provides best-in-class compliance, analytics, security, encryption, quality assurance and PCI protection

Secure recording and storage of all Microsoft Teams audio (inbound and outbound) directly from your service provider

Call recordings are available for playback, download and secure sharing on a single web-based interface


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