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Collaboration is a big part of all that we do. From our longstanding partnerships with world-class vendors, to the way we work together with our clients to empower their businesses. We’re constantly striving to provide tools that allow for seamless collaboration between colleagues and customers across multiple platforms through our business connectivity solutions.

Collaboration is intrinsic to the voice services we offer and with over 20 years of expertise in this area we’ve expanded our portfolio to include Voice over IP (VoIP), unified communications (through a soft client solution), cloud PBX, call centre solutions, and more recently, virtual receptionist and agent capabilities. These voice-based solutions are complemented by a bulk SMS offering to allow our clients access to a full suite of collaborative business services.

Minimise management and operational headaches, while improving client relationships. Our Cloud PBX features are entirely scalable, so we can create custom solutions to meet your business needs.

Reduce monthly costs, improve the quality of your calls. By switch to VoIP with our SIP Trunking service, you’ll no longer need telephone lines and third-party service providers.

Automation is becoming a business requirement. Cut costs and optimise your company with our Intelligent Virtual Agent that allows you to effectively automate interactions with your customers.

When it comes to call centres, we understand that every business will have different needs. It’s why we’ve developed solutions that offer both choice and flexibility.

Successful companies are built on integration. Our UnifyOne with Webex offering ensures a consistent user interface and experience, across multiple devices and media types.

With the features and capabilities of a carrier-grade solution, our fully customisable, bulk SMS platform can send hundreds of thousands of messages per day – perfect for alerts, reminders, marketing, and more.

Saicom Network



We’re passionate about connecting South African businesses. With a national footprint that spans Johannesburg and Durban, our world-class network delivers both connectivity and advanced business solutions. By partnering with champion providers, we’re able to bring variety and adaptability to our network offerings.

We believe everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of advanced network solutions. It’s why we work hard to find ways of offering small and medium businesses the types of solutions that are usually reserved for large enterprises. With a proven track record in MPLS networks and SD-WAN solutions, we’ve helped companies connect their branches both nationally and across borders. With the addition of an APN, our clients can reap the benefits of post-paid, fully aggregated mobile data, coupled with the ability to manage and report on their mobile users.

Ideal for connecting multiple branches into a single network over the internet. Plus, the technology is more dynamic, secure and cost-effective than traditional networking solutions.

Need to connect multiple sites together securely and efficiently? Our high performance MPLS network could be just what you need.

Business grade fibre that is uncapped, unshaped and uncontended. With fibre becoming more freely available and affordable than ever before, there’s never been a better time to switch.

A best-in-class wireless solution, designed with enterprises in mind. Our high-capacity, uncapped wireless internet service offers guaranteed speeds and is available nationwide.




We understand that when it comes to navigating a move to the cloud, businesses need options, support, and flexibility. Luckily, we’re able to deliver on all three with our simple and bespoke IT solutions, designed with a personal touch that we’ve become known for.

You can choose between public and private cloud, physical hosting, or a combination that best suits your needs. We also provide much-needed data protection through our backup as a service solution, delivered on a pay-per-use model. Hosting workloads with us provides the same redundancy as global providers, but with all the benefits of local pricing and top after-sales service.

Our Private Cloud ecosystem brings together best of breed solutions and services to meet customers where they are in their cloud journey.  Comprised of six pillars, the Saicom Private Cloud ecosystem offers everything from Private Cloud (Infrastructure-as-a-Service); data management, co-location, both private and public cloud managed services to DevOps services.

Through the Saicom Private Cloud ecosystem, we aim to alleviate the complexity of cloud migration and centralise multiple portals and connections. We bring together the various mechanisms of deployment, automation, logging, monitoring, troubleshooting, support, and ultimately deliver a more cost effective solution for our clients.

Businesses that use server infrastructure in the cloud, on-premise or co-located in a data centre, or have existing VMware Infrastructure that need disaster recovery (DR), backup and recovery services or those with existing VEAAM infrastructure and require a secondary cloud repository to achieve 3-2-1 backup compliance will benefit from the Saicom Private Cloud ecosystem.

For clients who have requirements beyond these more commonly applied use cases, Saicom offers a consultative approach to design solutions to match their unique business needs and leverage the Saicom Private Cloud ecosystem.

Data management is no longer optional; it’s a business requirement. We’ve worked hard to develop backup solutions that protect your best interests, along with your data.

On-site data centres can be expensive to set up. Our hosted solutions deliver the highest levels of security, an optimal operating environment and unparalleled business continuity.

Saicom Secure



For us, cyber security goes far beyond technical solutions. It’s a part of everything we do. Our security solutions not only manage the perimeter of your network, but are also designed to expose intruders that may already be on the inside.

Navigating the security minefield can be a challenge, but with us you can rest easy in the knowledge that our team of specialists are on standby to assist with any of your security needs. Our unique approach allows you to manage your own networks and IT environments, while also having access to our system engineers and consultants as and when you need it. In this way, we can help ensure your compliance on POPI, PCI (payment card industry) and GDPR.

Attacks and security breaches are no longer a matter of if, but rather when. Having the right preventative measures in place is a critical first line of defence for your business.

Cyber attackers are often present on networks long before they carry out an attack. Our solutions improve the detection and mitigation of these breaches before it’s too late.

Stop cyber-criminals from sending email using your domain and protect your customers, suppliers and staff from attacks.




Designed for businesses on the move. Our mobile APN solution allows your employees to access information via their mobile devices, even when they’re not in the office. The ability to get work done from anywhere means that your business productivity is sure to skyrocket. Whether connecting to your private intranet or to the public internet, we offer fast and secure mobile connectivity.

Our Mobile APN Solution offers clients the benefits of a post-paid, fully aggregated mobile data platform with the ability to manage and report on every mobile user.


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