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Saicom was willing to do whatever was necessary to ensure our systems were working optimally. The company adapts to our needs and manages our network and telephony outcomes on our behalf.
Robert Cousins
Robert CousinsChief Technology Officer
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I would like to commend Saicom on their incredible management and support of the SD-WAN services we buy from them. The business impact on our organisation has been huge. We really appreciate the speedy response we always get from Saicom support services.
Dawie Swarts
Dawie SwartsIT Manager
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We were looking for a product to help us save money but at the same time give us good visibility, redundancy, and control. We have found that with the Velocloud SD-Wan solution. It is really quick and easy to setup.
Andrew Pike
Andrew PikeTechnical & IT Manager
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Saicom have supplied an SD-WAN solution for Jacaranda FM, replacing old, end of line Telkom Diginet lines to our major regional broadcasting towers. The difficulty of getting the connection to these high sites has necessitated Saicom using a variety of technologies, from fibre, to bespoke wireless and even microwave frequency links with third party providers. This is complex, and fortunately the access portal provided by Saicom allows me to monitor these links on one dashboard, or delve into the services with more granularity when needed. There is also proactive outage notification via email, simplifying downtime management. The solution has also simplified our delivery of audio to the masts, by allowing me to deliver multiple streams from one multi-codec box into the Velocloud network via a single IP address, something which would not have been possible with multiple links.

3 Steps to Starting Your Migration to Saicom’s Secure SD-WAN

Book a meeting with our certified Fortinet experts to discuss your networking needs.

Step 2

Receive your transparent and detailed overview and quote within 48 hours of the initial meeting.

Step 3

Enjoy an unparalleled networking experience and the peace of mind knowing that you have Fortinet’s advanced threat protection at the network edge.

About Secure SD-WAN

As the use of business-critical, cloud based applications continues to increase, organisations with a distributed infrastructure of remote offices and an expanding remote workforce need to adapt. The most effective solution is to switch from static, performance-inhibited wide-area networks (WANs) to software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) architectures.

Saicom Secure SD-WAN combines the power of software-defined networking (SDN) with robust security features to deliver an unparalleled networking experience. This innovative solution enables organisations to optimise and secure their wide area network (WAN) infrastructure, whether it’s connecting branch offices, remote workers, or cloud resources. 

Key Features of Saicom Secure SD-WAN

Secure Connectivity

This solution ensures reliable and secure connections across the WAN, regardless of the underlying transport technologies, such as MPLS, broadband, or LTE networks

Optimised Application Performance

With intelligent traffic steering and application awareness, the solution optimises the performance of critical applications, ensuring consistent user experience

Zero-Trust Security

Implement a zero-trust security model by integrating advanced security services like Fortigate Firewalls, intrusion prevention, and malware protection directly into the SD-WAN solution

Effortless Compliance

Meet regulatory and compliance requirements effortlessly with built-in security features that safeguard sensitive data and ensure data privacy

Cloud Integration

Seamlessly connect to public and private cloud resources while maintaining optimal security and performance for cloud-based applications


The self-healing capabilities of Saicom Secure SD-WAN ensure uninterrupted connectivity by dynamically rerouting traffic around network failures or performance degradation

Centralised Management

Gain complete visibility and control over your network through a centralised management console. This enables simplified policy deployment, configuration management and troubleshooting

Threat Intelligence

Fortinet's global threat intelligence feeds enhance your security posture by identifying and mitigating emerging threats in real time


Simplified Management

Consolidate network and security management into a single platform, streamlining administrative tasks and reducing complexity

Cost Efficiency

Optimise network resources and reduce operational costs

Peace of Mind

Customers can enjoy peace of mind knowing that Fortinet’s security fabric is tightly integrated with SD-WAN, providing advanced threat protection at the network edge

Enhanced Productivity

Ensure that critical applications perform optimally, boosting employee productivity and customer satisfaction

Why choose Saicom Secure SD-WAN powered by Fortinet?

Saicom has a proven track record in providing managed services across the technology stack. These include:

Comprehensive Solution

Saicom’s Managed Fortinet services cover the entire Fortinet ecosystem, including firewalls, secure access, network infrastructure and more. We tailor our services to your specific needs, ensuring that every aspect of your network is well taken care of

Performance Optimisation

Saicom goes beyond just managing your network, we optimise it for peak performance. Our team finetunes configurations, monitors traffic, and ensures that your network operates at its best, delivering exceptional user experiences

24/7 Monitoring and Support

Your network does not sleep, and neither do we. With around the clock monitoring and proactive support, we guarantee that your network stays operational and secure every hour of every day. Our dedicated team is renowned for offering superior support, being highly responsive and even proactive when it comes to addressing support issues. We’re always ready to tackle any challenge, minimising downtime and ensuring your business operates smoothly without interruptions

Expertise and Experience

With extensive experience in managing complex networks and a team of certified Fortinet experts, Saicom brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Our skilled professionals understand Fortinet’s solutions and how best to use them to ensure that your network is in capable hands

Scalability and Flexibility

As your business grows, your network requirements may change. Saicom’s Managed Services are designed to scale with you. Whether you’re expanding operations or introducing new technologies, we’re there to support your network evolution

Advanced Security Management

Saicom’s experts implement robust security measures, configure firewalls and manage threat detection. You can rest easy knowing that your network is shielded from cyber threats and vulnerabilities

Core Components

Saicom Secure SD-WAN consists of the industry’s only organically developed software solution complemented by an ASIC-accelerated platform to deliver the most comprehensive SD-WAN solution available.


Provides a broad portfolio of solutions available in different form factors: physical appliance and virtual appliances, with the industry’s only ASIC acceleration using the SOC4 SPU or vSPU.

Reduce cost and complexity with next generation firewalls, SD-WAN, advanced routing, and ZTNA application gateways on a unified platform that allows customers to eliminate multiple point products at the WAN edge

ASIC acceleration of SD-WAN overlay tunnels, application identification, steering, remediation, and prioritisation ensures the best user experience for business-critical, SaaS, and UCaaS applications


Fortinet’s unified operating system delivers a security-driven strategy to secure and accelerate network and user experience. Continued innovation and enhancement enable:

Real-time application optimisation for a consistent and resilient application experience

Dynamic Cloud connectivity and security are enabled through effective cloud integration and automation

Advanced next generation firewall protection and prevention from internal and external threats while providing visibility across entire attack surface


FortiManager is an all-in-one solution for seamless and secure network administration. It is the foundation on which the Saicom Managed Fortinet offering is built. FortiManager empowers you to efficiently manage your network infrastructure, enhance security and optimise performance.


Unified Network Management

FortiManager offers a unified platform to streamline the management of all your Fortinet devices, including firewalls, switches, access points. Orchestration and management delivered on a single platform provides greater efficiency and convenience to your organisation

Reduce operational overhead and save time

Simplify complex network tasks with intuitive workflows and a user-friendly interface. FortiManager’s centralised control allows you to configure, monitor and update multiple devices simultaneously

Enhanced Security

Security is at the core of FortiManager. Implement consistent security policies across your network, ensuring a robust defence against cyber threats. With real-time monitoring and alerting, you can respond promptly to any security incidents


Whether you’re managing a small network or a global enterprise, FortiManager scales to meet your needs. As your network grows, FortiManager adapts, providing reliable management for thousands of devices

Data-led decision making

Through detailed reporting and analytics, you will gain valuable insights into your network’s health, performance and security posture. Make informed decisions based on data-led information

Increase operational efficiency

FortiManager empowers you to automate routine tasks, reducing the chances of errors. Implement network-wide changes, updates, and configurations with ease


Simplify device deployment with FortiManager’s zero-touch provisioning capabilities. Configure new devices remotely, ensuring consistency and reducing the need for on-site visits

security data visualisation graphic


Centralised Management

Manage multiple devices from a single interface

Security Policy Management

Implement and enforce consistent security policies

Centralised Management

Manage multiple devices from a single interface

Configuration Templates

Streamline configurations with reusable templates

Real-Time Monitoring

Monitor network health and security in real time

Configuration Repository

Easily restore from revisions and backup network configuration

Automated Compliance

Ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards

Event Logging and Reporting

Detailed logs and reports for auditing and analysis

Integrated Sandbox Analysis

Detect and analyse advanced threats in a secure environment

Role-Based Access Control

Control user access and permissions effectively

Patch Management

Keep devices up to date with the latest patches and firmware

Multi-Tenancy Support

Ideal for managed service provider and large enterprises


FortiAnalyzer takes network visibility to new heights, giving you the ability to gain insights into your network traffic, detect anomalies and respond to incidents effectively. Its robust reporting capabilities provide you with the tools needed to analyse trends, assess risk and enhance your overall posture. 

We recommend FortiAnalyzer for all SD-WAN implementations to enhance reporting and analytics capabilities across the network and Fortigate devices.

Key features:

Centralised Logging

Aggregate and analyse logs from multiple Fortigate devices for a comprehensive view of network activities

Advanced Reporting

Generate customisable reports on user activity, network traffic and security events

Real-Time Monitoring

Stay informed with real-time dashboards displaying critical network metrics and threat intelligence

Incident Response

Detect and respond to security incidents promptly, minimising potential damages

For more information on the Saicom Managed Fortinet ecosystem click here.


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