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Partnership Programme

Flexible partnerships to benefit all

At Saicom, we believe that through collaboration and teamwork, wonderful things can be achieved. We pride ourselves on effectively leveraging our world-class shared infrastructure to deliver some of the top earning potential in South Africa.

Our partnership programme, just like our solutions stack, has been designed with flexibility, choice and best fit in mind. With four types of partnership opportunities available, discover the model that best suits you or your organisation.

Partnership types

Partnership types

This model allows our partners who don’t have their own direct interconnects with operators, the benefit of traversing their existing voice traffic on the Saicom network. On top of this, we also provide SIP trunks with added services like breakout, routing and hosting. Exclusive preferential rates based on minute volumes are provided to all our wholesale partners.

Do you have the right business contacts but aren’t able to provide the solutions? With this once-off payment model, we’ll take care of the technical support so that you don’t have to. Designed to ensure that we take on the risk while you receive your reward, lead generation fees are paid out as soon as contracts are finalised.

Open to organisations with the right skills and client relationships, this sustainable business model is designed to put our partners in the driving seat. Our innovative approach allows partners to set their own margins on top of our wholesale prices, while we provide a full white label offering backed by our world-class technical and sales support. Plus, partners get access to our reseller portal which offers invaluable insights into their customers’ services, billing information and analytics.

We work with our agents to offer new client’s the most effective solution for their business. Beyond identifying leads, our agents also have the option of managing their own client relationships. By taking care of all technical support, end-customer credit risk, and billing, our agents are free to focus on finding new leads. There is no cost involved to become an agent and rebates are paid as annuities for the term of any signed contracts.


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