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Saicom is VMware Cloud Verified

Saicom has achieved VMware Cloud Verified status. The Cloud Verified designation indicates that a provider offers the complete VMware-based software-defined data centre infrastructure delivered as a service. VMware Cloud Verified partner services enable customers to achieve unmatched levels of consistency, performance, and interoperability for both traditional or containerised enterprise applications and the confidence that the […]

Non-geographic number porting is (finally) a go

It is a regulation that has been 16 years in the making, and hampered by legal action from mobile operator Cell C, who took exception to elements of the regulation.  However, in early 2021, the legal action was dropped and ICASA moved forward with proclaiming the Number Portability Regulation, which will come into effect on [...]

Saicom to strengthen customer connect with Truecaller for Business

9 November 2021, Johannesburg: Saicom, one of the leading local voices of South Africa, and cloud solutions providers announced a partnership with Truecaller for Business, the global platform for verifying business contacts and blocking unwanted communication. The partnership will make it efficient for businesses to connect with consumers. The Verified Business Caller ID solutions offered [...]

Saicom AnyCloud transforms multi-cloud management

26 June 2020, Johannesburg - In a move designed to provide organisations migrating to a multi-cloud environment with a more user-friendly and cost-effective management platform, Saicom has introduced the Saicom AnyCloud hybrid multi-cloud management portal. Using Saicom AnyCloud, companies of all sizes across industry sectors can rapidly deploy and manage any workload irrespective of the [...]

COVID-19 pandemic requires rethink of IT sales strategies

The lockdown many countries around the world are experiencing has changed the way IT services providers engage with their customers. Even though the long-term business impact of the coronavirus is yet to be determined, Saicom believes this will likely result in the re-emergence of the traditional break/fix fee-for-service approach of IT organisations. Traditionally, this model [...]

Saicom completes migration to G Suite to drive productivity

Saicom Voice Services has been appointed as a Google Cloud Partner (GCP) in South Africa and has completed its own migration to G Suite that has resulted in enhanced productivity and team collaboration in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the requirement to work from home during the lockdown in South Africa. “Our clients continue [...]

Saicom appointed Google Cloud Partner and gears up to drive business productivity for clients

11 May 2020, Johannesburg - Saicom Voice Services has been appointed as a Google Cloud Partner (GCP) in South Africa and has completed its own migration to G Suite that has resulted in enhanced productivity and team collaboration especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and work from home requirement during the lockdown in South [...]

Editor’s Question: What are the current barriers to Digital Transformation?

Security is a big issue for employers when dealing with Digital Transformation. Greg de Chasteauneuf, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Saicom, explains how there is no such thing as a 100% safe network.

Saicom Receives Global Routing Certification

30 October 2019, Johannesburg - Local service provider, Saicom has become one of only five ISPs in South Africa to become MANRS (Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security) compliant, and in so doing, assuring its clients that the internet is a more secure place. The Internet’s routing information is exchanged between network operators (also known [...]

Building A Data-Driven Business

If data is the new oil, then grab yourself some cans before things get messy. The most successful organisations understand the potential of their data as a competitive lever to gain insights into their customers. “However, any effective data management plan must be founded on an acknowledgement that data types have different needs for access, storage, and [...]

Saicom adds Data Management solution to stack

2 September 2019, Johannesburg - Saicom has added a data management solution to its evolving product stack, driven it says, by customer demand for world class services that are customisable to local business requirements and realities. “Our clients have come to rely on us for customisable solutions that deliver best-of-breed capabilities, and our data management [...]

Saicom bolsters voice services offering with intelligent virtual agent solution

18 June 2019, Johannesburg - Saicom has launched an intelligent virtual agent offering to automate common interactions between its clients and their customers. Developed by Inference Solutions and integrated across its Cisco Broadworks platform, the virtual agent platform allows Saicom to couple services with its Cloud PBX that are not natively provided or usually expected [...]
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