UnifyOne with Webex

UnifyOne with Webex


Get a phone number and business calling system so you can make and receive calls on any device.


Connect instantly with team messaging, secure file-sharing and whiteboarding.


Host video conferences with HD video, audio and screen sharing.

Business communications for a digital world.

Saicom UnifyOne with Webex gives your business a fully featured cloud calling, messaging, and meeting service in a single, integrated app. Enterprise-class communication tools delivered for your growing business.

Call, message, and meet at any time, from any place, on any device. Effortlessly enhance team collaboration.

The secure environment you need to run your company from anywhere.

Combine HD video, voice, messaging, file and screen sharing, and conferencing in a user-friendly cloud-based application that integrates with your existing business solutions.

Cisco Webex

Saicom UnifyOne with Webex

Saicom is proud to partner with Cisco Webex to offer a fully integrated collaboration experience, bringing together cloud calling provided by Saicom, with Webex’s advanced messaging capabilities, in a single app.

Saicom’s UnifyOne with Webex is a cloud-based collaboration service, for calling, messaging and meeting from any device. It includes HD video, voice, messaging, file sharing, screen sharing and conferencing in one easy-to-use, secure application that integrates with the other tools you use to simplify workflows.

Whether at home, on the go or together in a meeting room, it brings everyone together to do exceptional work. Solve business challenges, build stronger relationships, integrate with productivity tools and bring projects to completion – UnifyOne has the collaboration tools you need to keep work moving forward.

UnifyOne brings together teams, customers and work. All the time. Everywhere.

Call. Message. Meet. Share and do it all, right from a specific space.

Any device – PC or Mac, iOS and Android tablets and smartphones – gives you the option to choose how you want to work
Always on – persistent spaces means you never lost content. Intuitive filters let you search across people, spaces, messages and files to find what you are looking for
Always secure – keep information safe and secure, with end-to-end encryption.

UnifyOne enhances three of the most common scenarios for communicating in the workplace – calling, messaging and meeting bringing the workstreams together in a single app.

Cloud calling

Cloud calling

Transform the way your business works.

Calling is a critical component of a complete collaboration experience and combines enterprise calling performance with Cisco Webex virtual meetings technology and team collaboration in a single app.

Take your voice calling with you and stay connected to critical business operations with no disruption to how you work. Easily migrate calls from your mobile device to your desktop for an enhanced user experience at the click of a button. Record, merge, and initiate video meetings according to your changing requirements – on the fly without having to terminate your current call.

Single number reach
Allows you to publish a single business phone number and all business calls go to the device of choice – desktop; tablet or smartphone

Wi-Fi calling
From the mobile phone app, you can place and receive business calls using Voice Over IP (VOIP) and the other cellular networks

VoIP calling
Allows you to place and receive calls while roaming, to avoid high charges

VoIP handover
Automatically keeps VoIP calls when you move between data networks like wi-fi and LTE/5G

Multiple calls
To manage two calls simultaneously, and can merge them into a three way conversation.

HD Video Quality
Turns audio calls into video calls using high-definition video and wideband audio codecs.

Corporate directory
Enables you to find colleagues with a simple search from any device

Call pull
Allows you to seamlessly move active calls from a desktop to mobile, and vice versa with a single click, and without interrupting ongoing calls

Cloud calling combines enterprise calling performance with Cisco Webex’s virtual meeting technology, and team collaboration capabilities in a single step. UnifyOne works with the tools you use, and is built to ensure that both business communications and data is protected.

By using intelligent native collaboration devices, UnifyOne delivers a world-class experience at home, in the office or anywhere in between.



Transform your messaging environment with powerful collaboration features. Use direct communication or create chat rooms with rich text and expressive tools. Effortlessly share files and preview those sent to you without having to open them first. There is even an offline mode where you can view messages and listen to voicemail without needing a data connection.

Direct and group chats
Provides additional flexibility with chat messages

Means everything is saved in your spaces, so you won’t lose track of chats or content. Everything is archived safely

Presence status
Uses Smart Presence to let you know when colleagues are available

External collaboration
Adds external parties directly to spaces, making it possible to collaborate with people outside your organisation

Messaging capabilities
Includes integrated messaging and file sharing with your content and workflow

Can be customised to minimise distractions, without missing critical updates

Offline mode
Helps you stay productive without data network connectivity – and includes viewing messages and listening to voicemail.

Messaging, file-sharing and whiteboarding means that team collaboration can extend beyond a meeting

An always-on collaboration platform means teams stay connected and with Saicom UnifyOne, they can do this across their device of choice, from anywhere.

Messaging with UnifyOne can help projects stay on track through workstreams and secure file-sharing, seamlessly and in a centralised location.



Whether you want to change your call to a meeting with multiple team members or just have an intuitive environment where you can share your screen or files while collaborating on a digital white board, Saicom UnifyOne with Webex has your back. Incorporate powerful group chat features for desktop and mobile participants to further increase your meeting’s effectiveness.

Space meetings
Makes it possible to schedule meetings, or start ad hoc web meetings with everyone in your space, with a single click

Screen sharing
Shares either an entire screen or specific app or document without the need for additional downloads of separate web collaboration apps.

In-meeting chat
Means that meetings; desktop and mobile participants can chat to one another

Guest collaboration
Lets you invite external participants to join multimedia collaboration sessions

Advanced package features include:

Personal meeting rooms
Provide a private and secure online meeting room, with a dedicated phone number where teams can participate in HD audio, video, messaging and screen sharing collaboration.

Presenter controls
Manage the administrative side of meetings

Are conveniently stored in individual or group spaces for review, and gives people who could not attend the meeting, or want to refer to the discussion with recordings.

Saicom UnifyOne provides hassle-free video conferencing services – from anywhere, securely.

Our video conferencing solution ensures that meetings have intuitive controls that make it possible to tailor the experience to match your individual, and business preferences.

Breakout rooms mean that discussions with smaller groups are possible, in the same meeting.



Saicom UnifyOne brings together integration capabilities across meetings, messaging and calling, seamlessly working together with market leading partners, to make it quicker and easier to keep current workflows and drive productivity.

Partner integrations
Bring together industry leading solutions from organisations you know and trust and continue to add more to meet our customers’ requirements.

Meetings integrations
Allows you to schedule, host and join video conferences using the meetings platforms you work on every day.

Calling integrations

Means you can integrate the calling application your business already uses into Webex Calling for enhanced voice and video calls. One of these integrations enhances your Microsoft Teams experience, by letting you launch Webex-enhanced voice and video calls directly from Teams. This enhancement means you can call using a dial pad, or you can turn a chat conversation into a call using Microsoft Teams for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad or Web browser.

Package comparison

Package comparison


Your end-user customers can use all of the softphone functions described above as well as instant messaging and presence (IM&P) features including direct and group messaging, Spaces, message persistence, screen sharing, files sharing, host 25-way Space meetings, guest meeting support, and more.


Your advanced end-user customers can use all of the functions described above (softphone and messaging), as well as highly secure video conferencing systems that allow you to host up to a 25-person voice and video conference, engage in multi-party chat, and desktop or application sharing. Invite guests to participate in a video chat through a web guest meeting experience. Finally, your users can enjoy a personal meeting room, dedicated only to them with their own conference bridge.


When your end user needs enhanced meetings features such as meeting recording, remote desktop control, presenter controls, and recording transcription services, upgrade your end customers to the Premium package. They’ll enjoy all the features that come with the standard package plus the enhanced meetings features for up to a 1,000-person meeting.

Basic Standard Premium
Meeting Capacity (PMR) 0 25 1000
Space Meeting Participants 25 25 25
Meeting Duration 24hrs 24hrs Unlimited
Message Storage 2GB 5GB 10GB
Cloud Meeting Recordings 0 0 10GB
Years Stored 3 3 5
Cloud PBX (PSTN Dialing) Yes Yes Yes
Presence Yes Yes Yes
Integration with Microsoft Office 365 Calendaring Yes Yes
Integration with Google Calendaring for G Suite Yes Yes
Moderator Features Yes

Download the UC-One App

Download the UC-One App

Call Recording

Call Recording


Saicom in partnership with Call Cabinet’s Atmos.

Call recording platform is a game-changing compliant interaction recorder that offers a unique “pay as you grow” (SaaS) business model. With automatic upgrades and 24×7 support, Atmos offers a distinctly disruptive technology that guarantees your calls (and soon all other interactions) will be recorded every time and stored in a secure and compliant environment. Access to recordings is simple via the Atmos HTMLS portal that offers all the flexibility of this web-based application that can be accessed from any device and from anywhere that there is an internet connection. The scalability of Atmos means that it is cost-effective for organizations with as few as 2-3 users but also meets the needs of a large enterprise.

This solution is easily enabled on any Saicom Cloud PBX extension or SIP Trunk.

Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

At Saicom, quality is stitched into our core, by interconnecting directly with the majority of voice providers in South Africa we can ensure true end-to-end quality and service for our client’s voice communications.

Here is a list of voice providers that we currently interconnect with:

  • Vodacom
  • MTN
  • CellC
  • Telkom
  • Telkom Mobile
  • Liquid Intelligent Technologies
  • First National Bank
  • BitCo
  • ECN
  • Vox Telecoms
  • Dimension Data
  • Switch Telecoms
  • Voys Telecom South Africa
  • Converged Telecoms
  • Telviva

This cloud-based service combines the respective strengths of both Saicom and Cisco to deliver integrated calling, messaging, and meeting capabilities into any device. It includes HD video, voice, messaging, file sharing, screen-sharing, and conferencing in an integrated and secure application that can be incorporated into existing corporate solutions.

Saicom UnifyOne works on Windows and Apple computers as well as iOS and Android tablets and smartphones. Because it is a cloud-based solution, it is always on with content and features available whenever a user needs it. Its end-to-end encryption ensures all sensitive data is safe and secure.

Cloud calling uses one business phone number to put employees in reach of customers regardless of their physical location. It features Wi-Fi and VoIP calling to minimise call costs. The solution performs seamless handovers between mobile, wireless, and other data networks to provide a smooth call experience. Users can easily merge multiple calls and access their corporate directory all from the central application.

The Saicom UnifyOne app features an integrated environment for all messaging and file sharing features. Threaded conversations are always available with customised notifications enabling employees to ensure they do not miss critical alerts while in meetings. It also features an offline mode where users can view messages and listen to voicemail even when there is no data network connection.

Our video conferencing software allows users to easily schedule or start an ad-hoc meeting with everyone in their workspace with a single click. Employees also have personal meeting rooms to enjoy private and secure online meetings with a dedicated phone number where teams can participate in high definition audio and video, messaging, and screen-sharing collaboration. Meetings can be recorded and conveniently stored in an individual or group space for future review. The app can connect to a Cisco Webex Board, desk, or room device so content can be shared wirelessly directly from the solution.

Users can create dedicated spaces to bring together their teams, customers, and workflows. Full moderator control means privileges can be set on an individual basis. File sharing integrates easily with content management apps such as SharePoint and Box for users to work directly on documents from within their Webex spaces. The solution is also pre-integrated with the likes of Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Salesforce, and other popular solutions.

Saicom UnifyOne works seamlessly with Cisco Webex Board, Cisco Webex Room Devices, and Cisco Webex Desk Devices.

We offer four licensing options for clients.  

#1: Calling only – Gives users Cloud PBX (PTSN dialing) capabilities for calls only

#2: Basic – Provides users with all the softphone functions and the ability to host 25-way Space meetings.

#3: Standard – Incorporating all the softphone functions with secure video conferencing and personal meeting rooms.

#4: Premium – Meeting recording, remote desktop control, and recording transcripts are just some of the premium features available. The enhanced meetings feature also allows for up to a 1 000-person meeting.

As the requirements for each organisation are unique, please complete our enquiry form and one of our expert consultants will contact you.

Saicom UnifyOne is currently only available to our South African customers.



When faced with a global pandemic that caused us to change the way we work overnight, Saicom was there. With UnifyOne we were able to seamlessly decentralise our staff without a reduction in productivity, in fact, we have seen a 20%-25% increase in productivity across the board. As our organisation starts to move to a Hybrid work model, UnifyOne with Webex has yet again made this transition seamless. Now, whether we are in the office, working from home or at our favourite coffee shop, work just flows.”


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