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1. Introduction

This Manual is published in terms of Section 51 of the Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2000 (Act No. 2 of 2000) (“the Act”). The Act gives effect to the provisions of Section 32 of the Constitution, which provides for the right of access to information held by the State and to information held by another person that is required for the exercise and / or protection of any right. The reference to any information in addition to that specifically required in terms of Section 51 of the Act does not create any right or entitlement (contractual or otherwise) to receive such information, other than in terms of the Act.

2. Contact Details (Section 51(1)(a))

Physical Address:
1st Floor East Wing The Oval Building,
Wanderes Office Park, 52 Corlett Drive,
Illovo, Johannesburg

Postal Address:
PO Box 2122

Telephone number: 011 2830540
Fax number: 011 2830541

3. Section 10 Guide (Section 51(1)(b))

The Guide on how to use the Act is available from the South African Human Rights Commission.

Please direct any queries to:
The South African Human Rights Commission, PAIA Unit , The Research and Documentation Department
Postal Address: Private Bag 2700, Houghton, 2041
Telephone: +27 (11) 484 8300
Fax: +27 (11) 484 0582
Human Rights Advice Line: 086 012 0120

4. Records available in terms of other legislation

Basic Conditions of Employment Act No.75 of 1997
Compensation of Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act No.130 of 1993
Labour Relations Act No.66 of 1995
Employment Equities Act No.55 of 1998
Skills Development Levies Act No.9 of 1999
Promotion of Access to Information Act No.2 of 2000
Company documentation: availability determined upon request
Departmental records: availability determined upon request
Marketing agreements: availability determined upon request
Financial documentation: availability determined upon request
Employment contracts: availability determined upon request
Trademark documentation: availability determined upon request
Domain name registrations: availability determined upon request
Internal policies and procedures: availability determined upon request
Personnel records: availability determined upon request
Customer records: availability determined upon request

6. Access to records held by Saicom Voice Services

Form of request

  1. The requester must use the prescribed form to make the request for access to a record. This request must be made to the Information Officer at Saicom Voice Services (the Information Officer is duly authorised to deal with requests). This request must be made to the address, fax number or e-mail address as set out in Section 2 above.
  2. The requester must provide sufficient detail on the request form to enable the Information Officer to identify the record and the requester. The requester must indicate which form of access is required. The requester must indicate any other manner to be used by Saicom Voice Services to inform the requester of the outcome, and must state these particulars.
  3. The requester must identify the right that is to be exercised or protected, and provide an explanation of why the requested record is required for the protection or exercise of that right.
  4. If, in addition to a written reply from Saicom Voice Services, the requester wishes to be informed of a decision in respect of the request, the requester must provide Saicom Voice Services with the manner in which this response is to take place and the relevant contact details.
  5. If the request is made on behalf of another person, the requester must submit proof of the capacity in which the requester is making the request, to the satisfaction of Saicom Voice Services.

7. Availability of the Section 51 manual

A copy of this manual is available for inspection upon request at the offices of Saicom Voice Services (as set out in Section 2 above). A copy of the manual is also available for downloading on or by sending a request for a copy to the Information Officer by email. The Manual may also be obtained from our head office, the South African Human Rights Commission (“SAHRC”) at the addresses set out in Clause 3 above or from the Government Printers. This Manual will be updated from time to time, as and when required.

8. Prescribed fees payable in respect of requests

The following applies to requests (other than personal requests)

A requester is required to pay the prescribed fee of R50.00, before a request may be processed; If the preparation of the record requested requires more than the prescribed hours (six hours), a deposit shall be paid to Saicom Voice Services (the deposit shall not be more than one third of the access fee which would be payable if the request were granted); A requester may lodge an application with a court against the tender/payment of the request fee and/or deposit;  Records may be withheld by Saicom Voice Services until the appropriate fees have been paid; The fee structure in respect of records held by Saicom Voice Services is available on request.


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