Ideal for connecting multiple branches into a single network over the internet.

Our SD-WAN (Software Defined – Wide Area Network) solution is ideal for connecting multiple branch offices into a single network over the internet. Plus, it’s more dynamic, secure and cost-effective than traditional networking solutions. Our SD-WAN leverages broadband and private links to offer a virtual service delivery platform to businesses of all sizes. With our centralised systems, you can configure connectivity, and set up shaping and security policies across multiple sites. SD-WAN also allows for link remediation, load balancing and redundancy.

Key Features

Key Features

Delivers hybrid WAN with high performance, reliability and flexibility, ensuring optimal performance even for demanding applications like voice and video

Reduces the branch office footprint through a single click that seamlessly inserts and changes the virtualised services on-site and in the cloud

Advanced security compliance

Cloud-ready network eliminates data centre backhaul penalties, providing an optimised direct path to public and private enterprise clouds

Enables zero-touch branch network deployment and automated business policy setup

Single click Cloud-based VPN for branch-to-data-center and direct branch-to-branch traffic


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Frequently Asked Questions

A software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) uses software to control the connectivity, management, and services between data centres and remote branches or cloud environments. Essentially, it creates a virtual enterprise WAN providing companies with centralised management. This ensures that things like network connections, security, policies, application flows, and general administration are separated from the physical hardware.

It enables the development of higher performing networked environments using more cost-effective internet access as opposed to more expensive connectivity options like MPLS.

SD-WAN service providers leverage broadband internet and private links to offer a virtual service delivery platform for businesses of all sizes. Its centralised system sees companies configure connectivity and set up shaping and security services across multiple sites.

MPLS (multiprotocol label switching) controls the flow of traffic over a network between locations. It is a routing technique that directs data from one node to the next based on short path labels rather than long network addresses. It was created in the late 90s as a more efficient alternative to traditional internet protocol (IP) routing.

Because of this, an MPLS network infrastructure tends to deliver rigid, fixed connections that struggle to adapt to the modern connectivity requirements of today’s businesses.

For its part, SD-WAN can be less expensive, more secure, and deliver higher performance because it is software-driven. SD-WAN can be run over any broadband internet connection, it is widely available and easier to set up regardless of where you are in South Africa.

SD-WANs are formed by establishing dynamic encrypted tunnels between sites. Each site features a software defined WAN device that automatically downloads custom-defined configuration and traffic policies from a centralised location. Traffic is routed along the optimum path based on application policies and real-time network traffic conditions.

SD WAN delivers hybrid WAN with high performance, reliability, and flexibility to ensure optimal application performance even for demanding application traffic like voice and video. You can reduce the branch office footprint with a single click that seamlessly inserts and changes the virtualised services on-site and in the cloud. To this end, an SD WAN architecture enables zero-touch branch network deployment and automated business policy setup.

Fundamentally, SD WAN solutions deliver better visibility, availability, enhanced performance, and freedom of choice than the more traditional (and expensive) MPLS alternatives.

As the requirements for each organisation are unique, please complete our enquiry form and one of our expert consultants will contact you about the best SD-WAN service provider in South Africa.

Currently SD-WAN is only available to our South African customers.


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