Conference Room Solutions

Conference Room Solutions



Meetings have changed. They are getting smaller and shorter and they are leveraging more technology than ever before.

Meetings today need to remove the traditional meeting room technology limitations to create a more flexible, agnostic experience, making provision for in person and video conferencing capabilities for remote workers. The hybrid approach to work has changed the way we meet and how those meetings are consumed.

This is why Saicom has created Saicom Conference Room Solutions, a comprehensive offering that brings together the hardware, software and market leading support to make meetings seamless. Our Conference Room Solutions are perfect for clients that want to deploy smaller huddle rooms; collaboration spaces; smart boardrooms and dedicated Microsoft Teams, Webex or Zoom environments.

Saicom Conference Room Solutions

Our Solutions allow you to make use of any Unified Communications client, such as Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet or Zoom Rooms. Allowing participants to make use of the hardware and client that they are familiar with saves time and improves productivity by greatly reducing the complexity of hosting meetings and sharing content. With employees bringing their own devices to meetings, it’s vital that technology in meeting environments is intuitive, easy to use and highly compatible.

Saicom provides Logitech hardware and services to host internal and external video conferences. Saicom supplies, installs and maintains this technology as a white glove service, including centralised billing and a single point of contact.



Maximise your Unified Communications investment
Saicom’s Conference Room Solutions provide a flexible and scalable solution for organisations of all sizes. Whether it’s a small huddle room or a large conference space, Logitech’s hardware adapts to various room sizes and configurations, ensuring that businesses can easily scale their Unified Communications capabilities as their needs evolve.

Use the Unified Communications client of your choice
Saicom’s Conference Room Solutions supports all Unified Communications clients, such as Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet or Zoom Rooms.

Easy to use
With an innovative design that maximises compatibility and incorporates DisplayLink® Plug-andDisplay technology, Logitech Swytch offers a one-cable laptop link to a room’s conference camera and display, making it easy for teams to meet, present, and stream over any service. Our solutions remove any complexity, reducing the reliance on IT support, saving time and improving productivity.

Create an inclusive collaboration environment
Build a hybrid workplace that accommodates on-site and remote meetings with employees, customers and partners.

Key Features


Small, medium and large room systems including the Cameras, Microphones and Cabling

Motorised pan and tilt, beamforming mics, and dual-display support for every room size

AI-driven performance with RightSenseTM technologies for flattering video and natural conversations

Brilliant optics and powerful audio with configurations for every room size.

Auto-level loud and soft voices while suppressing unwanted noise.

24/7 support

Our Packages

Mobile, small (1 – 4 people) and medium (5 – 8 people) room packages have been pre-configured for ease of deployment and operation. These can be tailored to meet your specific needs and Saicom will arrange for one of our meeting room specialists to assess your environment and provide recommended solutions. Add-on options are available.

Small and medium packages include the camera and microphone arrays as well as the necessary cabling for content sharing and to connect your laptop or desktop device to the camera. The mobile package is a small all-in-one USB device perfect for people on the road.

Large room packages are available but require a consultation to determine your needs and the specific room requirements.


A Unified Communications client on your device.

A USB-A or C port on your device for connecting to the room system.

An internet connection with sufficient bandwidth for video conferencing

A room that can be set aside for video conferencing or a small huddle room that can be used for smaller conferences


Frequently Asked Questions

A video conferencing solution will typically bring together hardware, software, and support to ensure the highest possible quality for conference calls and video meetings. This leads to fewer problems with the usual issues such as background noise, screen sharing difficulties, and poor meeting experience for remote colleagues. As remote work has become increasingly popular effective virtual meetings have become increasingly important to ensure hybrid teams can collaborate.

As the requirements for each organisation are unique, please complete our enquiry form and one of our expert consultants will contact you about the best conferencing solution in South Africa.

Currently the Saicom video conferencing system is only available to our South African customers.

Our Conference Room Solutions are compatible with, and for all, cloud based Unified Communications platforms including Cisco Webex, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, GoTo, Pexip and RingCentral.

The service includes the installation, maintenance and post-sales support of the hardware and software on the devices. Saicom will require remote access to the hardware. The service does not include concierge support i.e Saicom will not set up the rooms prior to meetings or set up meetings on your behalf. Installation fees are included but the costs of consumables (cabling etc) is excluded.


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