Saicom AnyCloud transforms multi-cloud management

26 June 2020, Johannesburg – In a move designed to provide organisations migrating to a multi-cloud environment with a more user-friendly and cost-effective management platform, Saicom has introduced the Saicom AnyCloud hybrid multi-cloud management portal.

Using Saicom AnyCloud, companies of all sizes across industry sectors can rapidly deploy and manage any workload irrespective of the cloud environment it is hosted in. This gives technical teams the ability to manage physical infrastructure as well as manage and deploy virtual machines, containers, and software services from a single cloud portal.

“The cloud journey started with many companies adopting a public cloud strategy. This evolved to encompass a hybrid environment providing the best of public and private cloud services. However, the past several months has seen the growth of the multi-cloud where companies can cherry-pick the best workloads for a specific business function whether that is on Google Cloud Platform, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, or on any other service provider platform. But this has introduced a layer of complexity to the management environment,” says Joshua Grunewald, cloud hosting manager at Saicom.

Saicom AnyCloud replaces the plethora of tools and portals with an approach that sees teams gain complete visibility of the entire organisational cloud infrastructure from behind a single pane of glass. And because this is a local solution, companies get the full benefit of multinational cloud offerings at competitive local rates and from a service provider that understands the challenges of the South African market.

“With Saicom AnyCloud, a business can quickly spin up a virtual machine or containerised workload from any cloud environment. The portal delivers the capability of seamlessly working across any cloud. It is all about enabling developers and cloud teams to serve the needs of business more efficiently and with a higher success rate.”

This standardises the management and governance of virtually any cloud or application platform, bare metal, virtual machine, or container. Saicom AnyCloud facilitates faster self-service provisioning and even gives developers the ability to push their code through an API so that there is no need to log in to the portal.

“With Saicom AnyCloud, companies can centralise the reporting function and get the oversight needed to maximise the performance of their multi-cloud environments,” concludes Grunewald.


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