Saicom is VMware Cloud Verified

Saicom has achieved VMware Cloud Verified status.

The Cloud Verified designation indicates that a provider offers the complete VMware-based software-defined data centre infrastructure delivered as a service. VMware Cloud Verified partner services enable customers to achieve unmatched levels of consistency, performance, and interoperability for both traditional or containerised enterprise applications and the confidence that the service is based on the most advanced VMware cloud technologies.

“The VMware Cloud Verified status strengthens our reach into the South African market while also expanding the VMware brand within Saicom. Becoming a VMware Cloud Verified partner provides our customers with the peace of mind that our cloud-verified environment, the quality of our infrastructure, and the services we provide are of world-class standard,” says Joshua Grunewald, cloud hosting manager at Saicom.

“As a business, Saicom is heavily invested in the VMware stack with our technical team continually strengthening their skills. Since being verified, Saicom is servicing a wider customer landscape and providing those businesses with the confidence that we can deliver the essential cloud support needed for the digital world,” adds Grunewald.

“Partners that are VMware Cloud Verified provide organisations with complete and advanced VMware Cloud technologies, along with interoperability across clouds for greater advantage for their customers’ businesses,” says Sumeeth Singh, head of the cloud provider business at VMware Sub-Saharan Africa. “Cloud Verified services delivered by VMware Cloud Providers can provide the efficiency, agility, and reliability inherent in cloud computing. We look forward to supporting Saicom as it empowers organisations with a simple and flexible path to the cloud.”

VMware’s global network of more than 4 300 cloud providers leverage VMware’s consistent cloud infrastructure to offer a wide array of services in over 120 countries, provide geographic and industry specialisation, and help customers meet complex regulatory requirements.


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