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8 benefits of cloud migration & how to migrate

Are you considering moving your business to the cloud? Having your business  in the cloud provides a variety of opportunities to benefit  operations and improve processes in your organisation. Here is everything you need to know about cloud migration and why you should do it as soon as possible. We’ll also give you an overview [...]

Is your cloud strategy enabled the right way?

If not implemented properly, moving to the cloud can become a costly exercise for any business. Success lies in identifying your key objectives and then utilising and harnessing the offering that best suits your operation. “The first step,” says Joshua Grunewald, Cloud Hosting manager at SAICOM, “is understanding your motivation, where your pain points are, […]

Secure access in COVID times

Much has already been written about how COVID-19 lockdowns have changed the workplace location and in so doing, the IT dynamic. In hindsight, many commentators have admitted that worldwide lockdowns accelerated a trend that  was already picking up steam - work from home, work from anywhere, as long as you work! When we engage with [...]

The differences between Business Fibre and Home Fibre in South Africa

When you are considering installing fibre you may find yourself confronted with two options. Your choices will be between business fibre and home fibre. In this article we are going to cover the key differences between home fibre and business fibre, discussing the various aspects to consider when choosing which fibre to use. What is [...]

The industrial importance of NB-IoT in South Africa

The Internet of Things (IoT) has become an integral part of many operations and has disrupted business with improved productivity thanks to the monitoring and control of different processes. This interconnected web of devices has reinvented how mechanical, electrical, and electronic systems are used remotely. Of course, the IoT ecosystem is a complex one, containing [...]

Channel partner programmes are about more than sales

The channel landscape continually changes as products and services in the ICT sector evolve from legacy systems to cloud-based platforms.  Channel partner programmes have changed how organisations engage and collaborate with customers and tech giants like Google, Cisco and VMWare have shifted their channel programmes to drive channel-specific sales strategies only. They understand that channel […]

The Interconnect Rate and its Importance in South Africa’s Telecommunications Market

Over the past 20 years, making calls in South Africa has changed considerably as we progressed from legacy analogue technology into the digital age using Voice over IP.  At the same time, the regulatory landscape has undergone a number of changes to ensure that legislation keeps up with technology’s pace of change One of the [...]

Saicom Update – COVID19 (26 March 2020)

Dear Customers and Partners, As a cloud-first technology provider, helping our customers and partners take advantage of technology and all its benefits, is core to who we are. Yet today we find ourselves confronting a situation never before experienced in our lifetime. As the COVID–19 pandemic has continued to infiltrate our lives we have been forced to […]

Expansion without sacrifice: Kyle Woolf

Published – CEO Magazine (26 September 2019) Culture is the most important part of any business, says Saicom CEO Kyle Woolf. According to Saicom CEO Kyle Woolf, the key to success in business is hiring well. “You can always add a product, you can always add a solution to your bow, you can find a […]

SD-WAN in the SASE world

Coined by Gartner last year, Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is a term that combines network security functions with wide area network (WAN) capabilities to support the dynamic secure access needs of organisations. But why is it important when many decision-makers are still coming to grips with software-defined networking (SD-WAN) and edge security services? To [...]

CellC halts non-geographic number porting in South Africa

In 2018, the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) took steps to enable the porting of non-geographic (i.e. 0800, 0860, 0861, 0862 and 087). But it did not take long for embattled operator Cell C to launch an application in the High Court to stop this from happening. And while this is pending and […]

HCI and SDx – the evolution of business and the data centre

Storage and networking vendors see software defined everything (SDx) as the next evolution of linking the business to the data centre. Today, it is less about the hardware and more on how it can be ‘cloudified’ to unlock more opportunities. Of course, hardware is not going away. Vendors still need to put equipment down, but […]

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