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The Benefits of Cloud PBX

As technology advances Cloud PBX continues to prove itself as a reliable, future proof and cost effective telephony solution. Those who remain unconvinced as to the benefits of using a Cloud PBX system need only read further. The Benefits of Cloud PBX Cloud PBX systems are ideal for businesses of all sizes and can scale […]

Understanding Your PBX

PBX means private branch exchange; a telephone system used by business. Anyone who has heard the term PBX, already knows that their business needs it. A PBX telephone system allows the users within an organisation to share multiple phones lines, also referred to as trunks. It is the central aggregation point, connecting all internal phone […]

Everything You Need to Know About On-premise PBX

We recommend a Cloud PBX solution over an On Premise PBX solution, but it is important to understand what an On Premise PBX is. Click here to jump to part 2¬†about Cloud PBX For most companies the biggest concern when setting up an on-premise PBX system is the cost. There is an on-going argument about […]

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