Breach Detection Services

Breach Detection Services


Breach Detection Services

Cyber attackers are often present on networks long before they actually exfiltrate any data!

Did you know that cyber attackers lurk on networks long before they actually steal any data, or before you even know they’re there? That’s why deception technology (such as honeypots) is vital, as it improves the detection of breaches, so that mitigation can begin.

Our breach detection service extends to forensic investigations to determine the origin of the threat, establishing whether internal devices or systems have been compromised. By partnering with Thinkst Canary, we’re able to sprinkle canaries throughout the network and configure them to look like valuable content. Once probed, you’ll immediately receive an alert and our security team will get to work intercepting, investigating and mitigating the breach.

Key Features

Key Features

Improved detection and mitigation of cyber-security breaches

Detect and mitigate lateral movement within the trusted local-area network (LAN)

Multiple alerts for immediate notification and action

Simple and easy to use (can be set up in minutes even on complex networks)


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