Saicom Update – COVID19 (26 March 2020)

Dear Customers and Partners,

As a cloud-first technology provider, helping our customers and partners take advantage of technology and all its benefits, is core to who we are.

Yet today we find ourselves confronting a situation never before experienced in our lifetime. As the COVID19 pandemic has continued to infiltrate our lives we have been forced to change routines and habits at their most basic levels. Simple pleasures we once took for granted, like meeting friends for a coffee, have suddenly been taken away from us overnight.

As we enter a lockdown period in South Africa from tonight at 23h59, we will face unchartered territory both from a business perspective but more importantly as a community of South Africans.

Our Service during Lockdown

As an organisation involved in the Telecommunications Industry and in terms of the Presidential guidelines, Saicom has been included in the list of exempt businesses allowed to trade and provide Telecommunications services during the lockdown period.

To this end, we would like to inform all Customers and Partners that we remain open and fully operational and will continue to provide essential telecommunication services to those businesses that need it.

Whilst most of our Staff are working from home to limit our employees’ exposure and conform as much a possible to the conditions of the lockdown both our Support and Installs teams are ready to take your call or provision services as you may require them.

How can we help you?

Since Presidents Rhamaposa’s address to the nation on Monday night, many businesses have been asking similar questions- How do we remain efficient and productive during this period? How do we enable our teams to work remotely so that they along with their families can remain safe during this trying time?

As a specialist ISP and Telecommunication provider we are ready to enable this environment for you. Whether it is Mobile Data that your staff need so they can access the Internet from home or enabling calls through their work extension to take advantage of PBX systems already in place we are a phone call away to making this a reality for you.

Stay Safe

We would like to wish all our Customer and Partners well over this challenging time. Let us all heed the advice we have been given and abide by the regulations that President Rhamaposa has put in place. It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to help South Africa return to where we belong as a business community and as a people.

Stay safe and call us. We are waiting to help you.

The Saicom Team


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