The Benefits of Cloud PBX

As technology advances Cloud PBX continues to prove itself as a reliable, future proof and cost effective telephony solution. Those who remain unconvinced as to the benefits of using a Cloud PBX system need only read further.

The Benefits of Cloud PBX

  • Cloud PBX systems are ideal for businesses of all sizes and can scale from one extension to thousands.
  • Ideal for multi branch environments, the cost of putting down a PBX at every branch and managing each individual device becomes exceptionally costly and complicated.
  • Cloud PBX allows for centralised management, changes are made centrally and pushed to each site requiring the change or update.
  • Upgrades can be done on the fly. If you require more users, it’s a simple change on the main cloud system. Additional phones can then be plugged into the network and no onsite work is required.
  • Cloud PBX is future proof. It will always use the latest technology. You may only need Cloud PBX to begin, but as your organisation grows it starts to demand UC (Unified Communications) this is a simple feature upgrade.
  • Feature add-ons like automated attendant (IVR), voicemail to email, video and call recording can be done swiftly and easily.
  • The central Cloud PBX is typically carrier grade; it’s built to be incredibly reliable so the chances of the main device breaking are minimal. The biggest potential point of failure would be the connectivity from your site to the main cloud PBX. For this reason it’s advisable to use a reliable internet service provider who understands how to run voice correctly over a share data link.
  • Installation times and deployment of cloud are up to 5 times faster than a hosted system. No complicated work needs to take place on site making it extremely quick and efficient.
  • Small businesses now have access to the features and functionality of an enterprise system, which traditionally was only available on the high end on-premise systems.
  • Cloud PBX is the best solution to load shedding. The main system is housed in a secure data centre, often with different power feeds, backup generators and UPS. If the power to your main site fails, the Cloud PBX can forward the calls to different numbers or cell phones.
  • The risk of theft is minimised if the PBX doesn’t reside on site.


With all the benefits of Cloud PBX, it’s easy to understand why so many companies are switching over to Cloud PBX systems. Saicom is among South Africa’s most reliable, competitive and flexible service providers, why not get in touch now to switch to Cloud PBX!


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