Automated Voice Messaging

Automated Voice Messaging


Automated Voice Messaging

People are bombarded by media and advertising daily.

So how do you break through the noise and make a real impact? Our Automated Voice Messaging (AVM) platform offers a unique solution to this challenge.

Ideally suited to reaching large audiences quickly, we can deliver pre-recorded messages (music, voice or adverts) directly to your customer’s voicemail. At the end of the clip, the customer can select to provide feedback in real-time. AVM is an effective way to collect feedback, renew service agreements, issue payment reminders, promote events, and raise awareness of special offers.

Key Features

Key Features

Three modes available for IVR – Simple Delivery, DTMF Feedback or Hosted Dialer Mode

Detailed reports showing answered calls, connected calls and DTMF responses

Voicemail detection ensures the message only plays if the call is answered

Only pay for the clients you reach


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